H a k T r a K

Who We Are

HakTrak is a pioneer company in the region through its innovative-mindset, agile-approach, deep-experience, and project-delivery discipline. HakTrak goes beyond traditional defensive measures into an offensive style, threats analysis, and continuous monitoring of cyber threats to enable the detection and mitigation of potential risks before they can cause harm to an organization

360° Cybersecurity Approach

At HakTrak, we have developed an innovative 360° Cybersecurity Program which employs a comprehensive approach based on 3 dimensions and 4 domains to maximize the protection of your organization against the increasing threats of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Strategic Dimension

The Strategic Dimension encompass the key drivers and enablers for developing the cybersecurity program.


Operation Dimension

The operation dimension covers the necessary activities and steps required to execute the cybersecurity program effectively.

Technology Dimension

The technology dimension focuses on applying the technology to accomplish the cybersecurity program objectives.

Prevention is better than cure, hence taking preventive actions could deter cyberattacks and data breaches.

Cybersecurity protection is not a task, but an ongoing journey of activities to ensure the protection of valuable digital assets.

Incident response is as vital as preventing it from happing in the first place.

Cyberattacks these days are inevitable; therefore, a Recovery Plan is a must for organizations to recover from such attacks and get back to business with minimum impact.



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