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From its inception, HakTrak prime aim was to be a leading cybersecurity R&D company, through the development of advanced cybersecurity products and solutions. Proudly, and within less than two years, the company managed to launch its first set of unique products during Black Hat MEA 2023 in Riyadh


Rasid 360 is the first homegrown Cyber Risk Management product. It focuses on collecting information ... Read More

Threats Tracker the first Saudi product in the threat hunting market, it was designed to offer a comprehensive ... Read More

Shar stands for Systems Hardening & Auto Remediation. It is the first step towards Protecting your digital ... Read More

Cyber IMTITHAL is a cyber compliance platform designed to help you making organisations compliance... Read More

Bug Hunter is a versatile cybersecurity solution designed to identify vulnerabilities, detect malicious... Read More

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