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With Rasid 360, gain an outside-in view of your security posture so you can take preventative actions. Scoring is based on our trusted, transparent rating methodology and data collected from millions of organizations. Rasid 360 Ratings offer easy-to-read A-F ratings across ten groups of risk factors

Product Features

Security Rating

Get a clear, easy-to-understand A-F rating across ten key risk factor groups, providing a transparent and reliable assessment of your organization's security posture.

Due Diligence

Conduct thorough assessments of potential business partners or acquisitions to evaluate their cybersecurity standing, ensuring a secure collaboration.

Third-Party Risk

Keep vigilant eyes on cybersecurity risks stemming from third-party relationships, fortifying your extended network.

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Gain comprehensive insights into your organization's cyber risk landscape, empowering you to make informed risk management decisions.

Rasid 360 Benefits

Comprehensive visibility

Swiftly evaluate your organizations security with non-intrusively collected data for robust cybersecurity insights.

Targeted view of risk

Offering easy-to-read A-F ratings across ten groups of risk factors to identify and remediate the most critical areas of risk.

Collaborative workflows

Extend invitations to your vendors and partners, granting them access to rating and remediation plans for a sturdy ecosystem.

Customized remediation plans

Improve your security posture with automated and customized remediation plans to achieve a targeted rating.

Meaningful cyber-risk metrics

An F Rating increases breaches factor by 7.7 times compared to an A Rating. Our machine learning-tuned risk factor optimizes the correlation for smarter business and security decisions.


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