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Aimed at improving security and resilience, SHAR is a comprehensive solution that combines System Hardening with Auto Remediation capabilities to reduce the attack surface and minimize vulnerabilities within your digital landscape

Product Features

Database Hardening

Lock down the database to ensure that only authorized personnel can access critical information.

Software Hardening

Strengthen the security of your software applications, preventing unauthorized access and potential exploits.

Patch Vulnerability Management

Stay on top of vulnerabilities with timely patch management, ensuring your system is fortified against known threats.

Disable Unused Ports

Close off potential entry points for cyber threats by deactivating unnecessary ports, minimizing your system's attack surface.

SHAR Benefits

Unified Console

A Single Console for automatic security compliance check and security misconfiguration remediation.

Cost Reduction

Reduce operation cost with automation and fast remediation.

Real-Time Compliance Automation

Check compliance in real-time with auto remediation.

Policy Adaptation with Precision

Rollback or update your hardening policy based on risk formula and machine learning algorithms.

Policy-Driven Asset Management

Define your policies and click to check, remediate & harden your assets.


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